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Blast Wall

Blast and Ballistic Protection

Portable Blast Wall – 100 PSI
Approximate blast resistance 220# (100kg.) @ 30 feet (10 meters).*
Approximate ballistic resistance 5.56 x 45 (M16) with spalling.
Anti ram capabilities.*
Providing superior protection of personnel and structures during sporting events, VIP conferences, parades, marches, elections, civil unrest and riots.

Individual panels:

40” wide x mm 98” high x 89” deep (at base)
(1000 x 2500 x 2225mm)
w/ 4 bolts into roadway

Rapid deployment and removal, easy storage, low maintenance, minimal installer training Additional details on request

*anchoring method will affect system performance

Portable Bullet / Blast Resistant Curtain 


Blast Structures offers a blast/bullet resistant curtain that can be easily rolled up and transported, while still maintaining blast/bullet resistant protection. It has many uses including curtain walls, embassies, military installations, and ship blast containment.  Measuring to our high standard standard of quality, the blast/bullet resistant curtain is a less expensive alternative to blast/bullet resistant glass retrofit or new construction. Our curtain is composed with a patent pending material that is also water resistant. The curtain can be provided for two different protection levels: NIJ III-A and 7.62. These curtains are also a low-hazard blast resistant. Our level III-A has a weight of .8 lbs per sq ft, where our 7.62 curtain has a weight of 3.3 lbs per sq ft.

Available 24/7 by phone or email