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Bullet Resistant Products:

Windows (UL 752, Levels 1-8, Rifle + Handgun protection) with options of deal tray, speak through and/or package receivers

Surface Options:

  • Tempered
  • Heat Strengthened
  • Annealed
  • Chemically Strengthened
  • Clear, Gray, Green or Bronze Tints

Manufacturing options for Bullet Resistant:

  • Fiberglass (UL Level 1-8, Rifle + Handgun protection)
  • Glass Clad Polycarbonate – LEXGARD, Acrylic
    • Maximum size of 4 x 8 Glass pane
  • Steel and Aluminum
  • Composite Material
    • Maximum size of 4 x 8 lightweight bullet resistant composite panel
  • Window Frames (UL Level 1-8, Rifle + Handgun protection)
  • Doors, Frames, and Storefront Systems – made from Steel and Aluminum
    • Multiple locking systems that can stop an AK-47 and 2-hour intrusion.
    • Curtain Systems that protect from both rifles and handguns.
  • Building can be manufactured from Steel, Stainless, Bronze and Aluminum
  • Ship and Aircraft Security
    • Protection from RPG
    • Composite offers rifle and handgun protection
    • Bullet Resistant Bridge systems built with Glass and Doors

Blast Resistant Products:

  • Windows and Frames – Tested with 1100 lbs. of TNT (Equivalent to 1400 PSI)
  • Doors, Door Frames and Curtain Systems manufactured from Steel
  • Portable Blast Wall – 100 PSI Protection
    • Approximate blast resistance 220# (100kg.) @ 30 feet (10 meters).
    • Approximate ballistic resistance 5.56 x 45 (M16) with spalling.

Concrete Blast Resistant Barriers and Gates which stop up to 1000 PSI

Product Use:

  • Sporting Events
  • VIP Conferences
  • Parades
  • Marches
  • Elections
  • Civil Unrest
  • Riots
  • Natural Gas Plants
  • Police and Military Checkpoints
  • Embassies
  • Port Protection
  • Customer Areas
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Hotels
  • Naval Ports
  • Government Offices
  • Public and Private Utility Firms
  • Military Barracks
  • Embassies
  • Commercial Building
  • Banks
  • Petroleum Buildings
  • Police Stations
  • Airports
  • Hospital

About Us

45 years of engineering, design and manufacturing makes Blast Structures one of the most successful companies worldwide. Blast Structures manufactures world class quality ballistic grade building structures along with retrofit components suitable for defending against a wide variety of threats of a more violent nature, both human and nature induced. Blast Structures’ quality structures include doors, windows, wall panels, safe rooms and mobile units for both new and retro fit existing structures.

Applications include commercial, government and residential emergency preparedness for numerous types of unanticipated threats to personal safety as well as safeguarding valuable personal property, whether the risk is accidental or intentional.

The technology and engineering used in creating our blast structures have been used successfully in a number of residential, governmental and commercial facilities around the world. Blast Structures products have been active in a 45 year history of internationally providing ballistic resistant facilities for use in conflicts.

(Turn Down Volume Before Playing This Video)

View actual video of successful testing done on the structures and components of Blast Structures products, including a simulated car bomb using more than 1,100 pounds of TNT and with a blast pressure of over 1400 miles per hour.

Blast Structures has a wide range of Blast Resistant Windows and Bullet Resistant Glass products to choose from.

AK-47 Blast Resistant Windows

Active Shooter Ballistic Shield


Blast Structures meets and exceeds specifications for blast protection of UFC 4-010-01 DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Building.
With over $5,000,000 in independent testing, our blast structures meet and exceed military, government and private standards.

Bullet Resistant Door Levels 1-8
Blast resistant doors ranging from 2PSI – 930 PSI

Guard Shack

AK-47 and 7.62 x 51 protected Blast Resistant Guard House

Each Blast Structures armored guard shack is designed to meet individual security, ballistic requirements.

Blast Resistant Refinery

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