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Blast Resistant Products

Blast Resistant Door

This Blast Resistant Door has a 9-point locking system that can stop 1,100 pounds of TNT and clear glazing that can stop an AK-47 and 2 hour intrusion.

Blast Structures offers Aluminum and Steel Ballistics doors. Our doors offer Bullet Resistant protection (UL and NIJ certified) to protect against bullet resistant along with Blast Ratings. Blast Structures manufactures and supplies aluminum and steel blast/ballistic resistant door sets. This type of door is primarily used on Military Installations or where Blast and Ballistic Resistance is required. Blast Structures also offers the highest rated blast doors on the market with the ability to stand up to 930 PSI. Below are Blast & Ballistic Resistant Doors we supply:

  • Military Barracks
  • Embassies
  • Commercial Building
  • Banks
  • Petroleum Buildings
  • Police Stations


Portable Bullet / Blast Resistant Curtain 

Blast Structures offers a blast/bullet resistant curtain that can be easily rolled up and transported while still maintaining blast/bullet resistant protection. It has many uses including curtain walls, embassies, military installations and ship blast containment.  Measuring to our high standard of quality, the blast/bullet resistant curtain is a less expensive alternative to blast/bullet resistant glass retrofit or new construction. Our curtain is composed with a patent pending material that is also water resistant. The curtain can be provided for two different protection levels: NIJ III-A and 7.62. These curtains are also a low-hazard blast resistant. Our level III-A has a weight of .8 lbs per sq ft, where our 7.62 curtain has a weight of 3.3 lbs per sq ft.

Blast and Bullet Resistant Frame

Blast Structures manufactures our own blast resistant frames, which can be constructed on the site. Our frames are made out of aluminum/steel and come in a variety of finishes such as powder coast and different anodized finishes. They are built to withstand almost any threat.

Blast Resistant Glass

Blast Structures has designed a revolutionary aluminum glazing system, combining the advantages of commercially available high specification extrusions, with the security requirements of blast and ballistic resistance. This unique new product is unparalleled by any previous glazing system in the construction industry and is manufactured and supplied solely by Blast Structures.

Blast Structures designs, manufactures and supplies steel ballistic resistant windows. The windows are designed to provide light and ventilation, while protecting the occupants against ballistic attack. The windows also provide a level of blast resistance.

The Blast Structures modular pre-cast concrete structure is a unique yet simple method of construction providing strength, speed and versatility for all types of buildings, from single-story and multi-story apartments, commercial or institutional buildings.

Blast Resistant Buildings

Residential-Commercial Housing

Blast Structures modular buildings can be constructed and purposed for use as resistant dwelling spaces. All of the units can be combined with equally resistant amenity pods and modular brick panels in order to make the space livable.

Modular Portable Units

Blast Structures modular portable units mimic the quality manufacturing process used by all Blast Structures modular units. Each unit is specially designed to maximize efficiency in unit transport to specific locations.

Modular Brick Panels

Blast Structures brick panels are made of brick slips cast in specially designed foam with a metal sheet at the back for added thickness. These panels provide a non-structural brick-faced cladding, incorporating current construction techniques with a traditional look.

Blast Resistant Barriers

Anti-Ram Capabilities.*

Providing Superior Protection of Personnel and Structures

  • Sporting Events
  • VIP Conferences
  • Parades
  • Marches
  • Elections
  • Civil Unrest
  • Riots

Uses as Follows:

  • Natural Gas Explosions
  • Car Bombs
  • Police and Military Check Points
  • Embassies
  • Port Protection
  • Customer Areas
  • Civil Unrest
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Hotels
  • Naval Ports
  • Government Offices
  • Public and Private Utility Firms

Blast Resistant Composite Panel

  • 4 x 8 lightweight blast resistant composite panel
  • Blast protection and fragmentation up to 3,000 ft per second.

Individual Panels:

  • 40″ wide x mm 98″ high x 89″ depth (at base)
  • (960 x 25000 x 2225mm)
  • w/4 bolts into roadway
  • Rapid deployment and removal, easy storage, low maintenance, minimal installer training

Additional Details on Request

Anchoring Method Will Affect System Performance

Blast Resistant Gates

Blast Structures has a history of stopping car bomb attacks.

Curtain Wall

Blast Structures manufactures and designs curtain walls to protect from blasts and bullets. Blast Structures has the highest rating of blast in the industry.

Blast Resistant Wall Panels

Module Portable Blast Unit

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